POSITIVELY, the Origami booklet with words to inspire a positive view and well-being.  We begin with the simple question: What’s positive about your LGBTQIA+2S*NB identity?  Read the research-based, adapted poem of words representing the responses of thousands who have responded to this query.  Share your response, and share this booklet with others.  Let’s cultivate well-being and positive identities (including our allies and families)!

Download the pdf here – it’s FREE to print, copy, and share!

Instructions:  This pdf is a regular 8.5×11 size page folded into 8 panels.  You will see the top panels appear up-side down.  That’s where the Origami paper folding comes in.  (a) First, print the page in Landscape mode. (b) Then, search online for “instructions for folding origami booklet” (there are a lot of videos and pictures to explain).  This is part of the fun — creating your own experience in this project.  And you can decorate!  (c) Read and reflect!  Reading for inspiration is important and thought-provoking – this is time and space to reflect on our strengths, growth, relationships, and resources.  (d) Share!  Sharing is part of spreading a message of caring for everyone in our communities.  Share the link; or print or copy and send the booklet to someone; or leave it for someone to find; or hand it to someone with a message of warmth .  Any way we can share the message supports our communities.

A Positive View project, written and produced by Ellen D.B. Riggle