2 New Articles are in Print!

We have 2 new articles in print. We are excited that both appear in Psychology & Sexuality, a new journal that focuses on “advancing research and global perspectives on sexualities.” These 2 articles companion studies to our earlier article on the positive aspects of gay and lesbian identities. Check these out:

Riggle, E.D.B., Rostosky, S.S., McCants, L.E., & Pascale-Hague, D. (2011). The positive aspects of transgender self-identification. Psychology & Sexuality, 2, 147-158.

Rostosky, S.S., Riggle, E.D.B., Pascale-Hague, D., & McCants, L.E. (2010). The positive aspects of a bisexual self-identification. Psychology & Sexuality, 1, 131-144.

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