UK Appalachian Center Forum, April 20, 2012 – Read our comments

Cultivating a Positive Environment for LGBTQ Individuals in Appalachia

Ellen D.B. Riggle

Sharon S. Rostosky

Panel Presentation sponsored by the Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky, Friday April 20, 2012

 A Positive View of LGBTQ: Embracing Identity and Cultivating Well-Being is based on a national sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer identified individuals.  But the book has its origins in local events and local interviews that we have done (and includes some of those). …

… Let me just end with the basic message of our book – and what everyone here knows —

Our personal stories have power.  They have power over how we define our own lives and they have power when we share them with others.  Talking with others about the positive aspects of LGBT identities, recognizing the benefits of these identities in our own lives and the life of our communities, is an important part of creating a celebratory culture for everyone in Appalachia.  A strong, visible support ally culture is a part of this celebration of all of our lives.

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